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It’s been some six weeks since I’ve updated the site, and now you know why: I’ve redesigned it from scratch — except for the logo at the top and my picture right here. Positive Health Wellness I figured regular readers needed something to know they were in the right place. And I love that logo.

While I love the clean, simple look of the original page — which was exactly what I requested from talented designer Malin Parker — I needed something that makes it easier to add and archive content. And I wanted something that get more stories in front of readers’ eyes as soon as they visit.

This allows me to group stories by category, so people can easily read through topics they like. It allows me to put two of the community-driven features, the health events calendar and the hospital report cards, prominently atop the page. And it allows me to build more resources like the collection of links at the bottom of the page.

I know there’s some tradeoff in readability and directness, but I think it’s worth it, and hope you feel the same way. I think we’re about 95 percent of the way there, but it’s definitely a work in progress and subject to change. Let me know what you think — that’s another advantage in the new design, the opportunities to comment on stories. And you still can send emails, of course.

The redesign came at a good time. Looking back, we launched this site at just the right time. Healthcare reform was a belligerent, confusing muddle of opinions, and I think we brought a little clarity to the picture. And there was the swine flu pandemic. While other media outlets were scaring readers with screaming headlines and overblown language, we stayed calm. We noted that the spike in cases was no sign of the apocalypse, but was tied to school reopening. And we were the first to spot and report on the downturn in cases, while other outlets were saying there was “no end in sight.”

But now healthcare reform is settled, more or less, and swine flu is mostly a bad memory (though we’re still watching the indicators). So what now?

I think it’s an opportunity to get back to the explanatory and watchdog reporting that I really enjoy. Hence the story posted today on trauma centers.

About a month ago, I was standing on the rooftop of Sarasota Memorial, watching the Bayflight helicopter land as part of an event to publicize trauma awareness month and the local hospital’s partnership with Bayfront Medical Center’s trauma center.

There were a slew of TV cameras and a couple of print reporters, and everyone dutifully reported the event for its face value. But thanks to the relationships I’ve built over the past four years here, I knew there was a bigger story, and that’s what you see today.

You’ll also see some of the site’s “greatest hits” from the past almost-year, like the hospitals-county dispute over the cost of uninsured care, the study on the relative health of Florida counties, and a feature on a family coping with ALS — all of them stories that you can find nowhere else.

So I’m going to try to keep bringing you those stories, the ones that pique my curiosity, the ones that tell you something about the cost and quality of healthcare in the community, and sometimes, the stories that strike me as simply worth telling, because they might touch you as they did me.

I’d like to see this site become a place where people can learn more about local healthcare and discuss it with others who have the same interest. So thanks for visiting, again, and come back again soon. I have a lot of stories to tell.


Best Treatment For Hemorrhoids

You may be wondering what the best treatment for hemorrhoids is. There are very different therapies for curing hemorrhoids. You can choose to see a doctor or you can learn how and treat them yourself at home. It is a good idea to confirm that you do have a dihydrocodeine hemorrhoid with your doctor, but how you treat your hemorrhoids is totally up to you.

Traditional medical treatments can treat your symptoms and give you some relief. These remedies do require several steps and it may take a while before you get that relief. These medications also contain certain chemicals that in time can make your hemorrhoids worse. Yes some hemorrhoids do take medical intervention like surgery, but most times this is not the case. For those few that do need surgery, learning how to prevent future hemorrhoids becomes very important.

Today more and more people are starting to believe that the best treatment for hemorrhoids is a natural approach. Using natural, holistic methods is a much more affordable and a much easier way to cure your hemorrhoids.

Soaking your bottom in warm saltwater a few times a day will help greatly to heal your hemorrhoids and give immediate relief. Saltwater will not only draw out the infection, it will also increase blood flow to the area and improve the healing time. Because this is something that is natural and has no side effects, you can do it as often as you like.

Another natural remedy that can be used along with the saltwater bath is using a natural astringent. Witch Hazel is one. The astringent actually shrinks the swollen tissue and will stop any bleeding. It also gives a soothing, cooling effect and gives immediate relief of the pain. Aloe Vera is another astringent you can use.

In some cases just changing your diet to soften your bowel movements can clear up your hemorrhoids. Increasing your daily fiber intake and the amount of water you drink are two big factors in treating your hemorrhoids. Doing these two things and increasing your activity will get things moving in the right direction. Softer stools will relieve the strain on your hemorrhoids and therefore give you faster healing.

The last three things, diet, fluid intake and exercise are essential and are the best treatment for hemorrhoids. Not only will they help cure your hemorrhoids, these steps will lead you to a healthier life and a future that can be hemorrhoid free!