Expelling The Myths about Continuous Flow Hot Water Australia Gas and Solar Newcastle

At Energy Smart PTY Ltd we have sold and installed thousands of continuous flow hot water systems in homes throughout the Hunter Valley. Over time we have discovered a few common misconceptions and grey areas in the minds of our customers when it comes to this type of gas water heater.

Continuous flow, also known as ‘tankless’, ‘instantaneous’ and ‘on-demand’ hot water systems are a great solution for homes with limited space, as there is no need to install a large storage tank. Their small, compact design makes them un-intrusive and means they can be simply bracketed to an external wall or recessed into a wall cavity in new homes.

This is just one of many benefits of this type of hot water system, other benefits include;

Endless hot water –continuous flow hot water systems heat the water as you need it so you will NEVER run out of hot water and you will only ever pay for what you actually use.
Precise temperature control – up to 4 temperature controllers can be installed to provide precise temperature control at the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for blending hot and cold water to reach a desirable temperature.

No pilot light to blow out – most continuous flow hot water systems have an electronic ignition. This means there is no need for a gas pilot light to remain on at all times. When you turn on your hot tap, the electricity will spark the gas burner to instantly heat your water, ultimately saving you money.

Despite these fantastic features it has come to our attention that a number of people are having trouble in the day to day operation of these gas hot water systems. As promised, these grey areas will now be explained.

As specialists in the gas industry all of our staff is aware of the following factors which can impact on the smooth operation of gas continuous flow hot water systems. Unfortunately, there are a number of retailers and installers selling these products without passing on this very important information.

Gas continuous flow hot water systems need to be installed using 3/4 inch gas and water pipes. This allows for the correct amount of gas and water to flow through the unit quickly.
Gas continuous flow hot water systems are not ideally suited for use with 5 star water-saving devices. Many of these devices restrict water flow to such a low level that pressure will build up and cause the unit to reset (leaving you with hot and cold water spikes).If you wish to conserve water, we suggest installing a 3 star water saving shower rose instead if this problem arises in your household.

Gas continuous flow hot water systems are designed to work in conjunction with temperature controllers. These controllers deliver hot water to your desired temperature without adding any cold water. By doing this you ensure an adequate flow of water is flowing through the system to keep the burner alight. Without temperature controllers installed there is the potential for too much cold water to be used – not only wasting water, but also dropping the flow of water through the hot water system below the recommended 9L/min.
Each of the above can lead to an unpleasant shower with temperature fluctuations. If continuous flow hot water systems are used and installed correctly you should have a steady flow and even hot water temperature – giving you and your family an effortless and relaxing bathing experience every day.
Posted 13 Oct 2011, 02:44:14 by carina